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100 Days of Music (Day 5)
 ↳"Yellow Light" by Of Monsters and Men
Just follow my yellow light
And ignore all those big warning signs..
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wayward-bird whispered:
Stares up at Mike and narrows eyes, seemingly trying to see something as he just watches the man intently.


Mike looked down at Levi. “Like me to maybe…get down so you can have a better look there Short Stuff?”


:[ ♦ ]:.       …..” This bastard. “Tch, no thanks.” He huffed, indignant as he narrowed his eyes at the man. What the hell did he heat to get like this? Him and that tall boy Bertholdt were literally giants compared to everyone in headquarters. “How’d you get so damn tall?”

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The Hunt//Werewolf!AU//wayward-bird


The voice of the hunter awoke the pup. He wasn’t sure how long he was out for, but not long enough that he was out of the square of moonlight. He felt very relieved. The thought of this hunter walking up the ladder to see the naked young man he had seen just hours ago. Bertholdt had to be more careful.

The smell of the meat filled the air. Deer…the deer the hunter had from earlier. It had been a good day since Bertholdt. He hardly ate anything in his human form as he was preparing for a hunt tonight. His tongue licked his lips, staring at the bowl of raw deer meat.

But…it was out of the moonlight. Away from his small safe square. Food meant revealing himself. His green eyes looked to the food, then to the hunter. Soft cries rang out as Bertholdt tried to decide what he should do.

He was so hungry….Maybe if he was quick. He bolted for the bowl, picking up a small square and brought it back to the moonlight. Tearing it apart with his fangs, he inhaled the meat. It was so good, so juicy and moist. This hunter was good indeed….of course the fear of him finding out grew, as he shot out for another piece of meat.

:[ ♦ ]:.       Ɓeing amused at this little wolf was rather easy; cold grays softening just a bit more as he watched the wolf run back and forth from the filtered moonlight to the bowl of meat. “Still not comfortable around me, huh? That’s fine. I’d be a bit distrusting in your shoes too.” Picking up the bowl, he moved it closer, gently placing it down in the light for the canine. Ah, damn, he was getting far too attached and he knew he shouldn’t keep the dog here any longer than needed. He didn’t have time to raise a pup, and considering how busy he was, he wouldn’t have stayed home very often anyway. Maybe he could get some friends to watch it? But then that would defeat the point of having a pet, wouldn’t it?

Hell if he knew.

“Eat as much as you want. This deer was more than enough for me anyway.” Why was he talking to this wolf as if it could understand him? All the beast could probably hear from him was complete unintelligible gibberish. This was probably just a symptom of how lonely this job was. Even with the friends he had, he barely had time to do anything with them when his job called upon him to leave to a different town to handle another issue with vicious werewolves. Sometimes it was just people being paranoid, but not always…and those times were exhausting to the point where he didn’t have time to hang out with those he was close to and just…relax. 

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The Hunt//Werewolf!AU//wayward-bird


Bertholdt kept his ears down, as he slowly walked through the house. He knew at any moment, he would transform back. He could already feel the effects. The fur all over his body became thinner, his body starting to grow. It was then that the hunter opened up a curtain, letting the stream of moonlight flow in. Bertholdt barked happily as he ran over to the small square on the floor.

He rolled around, as noises of content flew from the pup’s mouth. He felt foolish, but this was an act he needed to keep up. Besides, once the moon set, and the sun rose he could sneak out from this spot. The hunter would not even know. Maybe he would figured he left the door open.

But this hunter…this hunter was treating him so well. Granted of course, he had no idea Bertholdt was a werewolf. But still, not everyone would treat a strange wold pup this way. He gave him shelter, and soon food. Perhaps Bertholdt should make it a habit to come here during each full moon. Avoid anything from the packs.

The hunter seemed to have gone downstairs. Possible to take care of that deer. Boy did that meet smell so good, he could not wait for a piece. Loudly Bertholdt let out two barks, as if he was trying to say ‘Thank you’.

:[ ♦ ]:.        Skinning the deer and getting the meat ready hadn’t been too much of a hassle. He made sure to keep the horns so he could see it later, perhaps to a doctor if they needed it. He was torn between selling the horns as is, or grinding it into powder later. Those things could go for a good deal, and he would rather not waste any part of this deer if he could. With everything prepared, me made sure to save a good chunk for the pup upstairs. He felt…well, he couldn’t describe how he felt. This pup would just stay here for now, but then he’d let him go on his way when he was ready. Still…he grew attached in that small span of time. The happy barks made him feel less lonely in his residence.

Making his way up the ladder, he whistled for the pup, kicking the door to the cellar closed. “Hey, doggy, I have something for you. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.” He chuckled a bit, carefully placing a bowl with meat chunks down on the ground and a small bowl of water. “Dunno if you planned on staying with me or not, but y’know…can always let you out when you feel content. I’m sure you’ll find your family.” The pup wasn’t so young it couldn’t find its pack. He doubted something would happen in the duration of looking.

It seemed used to wandering around from what he could gather.  

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Source: 悠月@廃人ゲイ野郎 /B&WPlease do not remove source.


Source: 悠月@廃人ゲイ野郎 /B&W
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//yess I would like some help!….//

//Sure no problem bb! Soooo did you need help getting the songs together? Or is that already done, but you just need help putting the code on the blog and stuff? * O * ) 

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